Crystal cat litter

Crystal cat sand is translucent pellet beads or some irregular particles, some brands will be mixed with different colors of beads, the effect of mildew, antibacterial, deodorant and so on. The advantage of crystal cat arenaceous is absorptive force is strong, bead after absorbing urine can change color, until whole basin is about 8 when…

Keep a cat to must see, play to say those things of cat litter!

Cat litter is a must-have item for cats, which parents keep for their cats to bury their feces and urine. Cat litter and litter pans are items that must be carefully selected by every cat owner. Cats are smart and clean animals. They usually do not defecate in public. Whenever they need to excrete, they always look for “sand” or grassland.

In the past, especially in the countryside, cat owners would always put “yellow sand” in a corner of the yard, and cats would be used to solving excrements. But living in a city these days, it’s clear you can’t lay a sandy beach at home. Faced with such a situation, cat litter came into being. In the early days, cat litter was mainly non-condensable, mainly for the purpose of collecting cat feces. Cat litter today has much stronger properties than earlier ones. The water absorption of cat litter, deodorization, the nature of the knot board made it popular.

According to the characteristics of use, cat litter can be divided into two categories:
1. Lumps of cat litter, whose main ingredient is bentonite, will form a ball after encountering urine or feces, which is helpful for cleaning.
2. No cat litter, no aggregation of urine and no aggregation of feces, which shall be replaced as a whole.

Main advantages of cat litter: deodorization, rapid moisture absorption, long lasting effect, antibacterial, easy to handle.
And their shortcomings are obvious.
1. Many cats are interested in cat litter. It is dangerous to eat it.
2. The smell of cat litter is very heavy. Each change is like a nightmare.
3. Some cats will cough when replacing litter.

Why the new cat litter cat not to shit?

The cat is dissatisfied with the texture or smell of cat litter. The cat toilet is placed in a place where many people come and go and make noises. The cat has been disturbed or frightened when the toilet is excreted or nearby. Sand is the object that the cat that the owner raises for…

About the prevention of FUS

Alkaline substances, such as gypsum, contained in traditional cat litter, suggest that alkalinization of a cat’s body may be one of the causes of genitourinary syndrome in FUS cats. Therefore, it is recommended to use sawdust cat litter to reduce the risk (especially for male cats). 1. Standard wood sand: pine wood, 6 mm in…

Some questions about cat litter

  Preface: The cat toilets we heard about as kids were all coal dust or something, dirty. But now it’s different, with cat litter. It is convenient for the owner to handle the excretion of the cat. Because a cat is not like a dog that can run away every day, the family has to…